The latest top 10 teams in College Football Playoff rankings is led by Alabama, replacing Georgia after Bulldogs lost to Auburn.

No news there. I told you it would happen last week in my SEC blog.

The slight surprise was Clemson jumping into second slot followed by Miami and Oklahoma.

Committee made its case for defending champs because Dabo Swinney’s team has a win over Auburn and has more wins over teams with winning records than any other contender.

Miami also doesn’t have a road win over a team with a winning record.

If that holds, Tigers and Hurricanes will get to settle seeding on field since they will meet in Charlotte in ACC Championship Game on Dec. 2.

CFP Top 10: 1. Alabama: 2. Clemson; 3. Miami: 4. Oklahoma; 5. Wisconsin: 6. Auburn; 7. Georgia: 8. Notre Dame; 9. Ohio State; 10. Penn State.

The link to the complete rankings:

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