The first poll from the College Football Playoff Selection Committee was released Tuesday, installing Georgia and Alabama as the top two teams.

For now.

There will be five more of these polls before the four playoff teams are set. I’m still doubtful that any conference will send more than one team to the final four.

I’m also convinced that when the conference championship games are played defending national champion Clemson will be replaced by Miami from the Atlantic Coast Conference and Georgia will boot Alabama from the play picture.

But the big surprise Tuesday was the fact that the playoff committee didn’t rank any Big Ten team any higher than Ohio State at No. 6 with Penn State No. 7 and Wisconsin No. 9.

Below is the CFP Top 25 followed by another look at my Top 10 playoff rankings for week one.

 College Football Playoff Selection Commitee

1.   Georgia

2.   Alabama

3.   Notre Dame

4.   Clemson

5.   Oklahoma

6.   Ohio State

7.   Penn State

8.   TCU

9.   Wisconsin

10.                     Miami

11.                     Oklahoma State

12.                     Washington

13.                     Virginia Tech

14.                     Auburn

15.                     Iowa State

16.                     Mississippi State

17.                     Southern Cal

18.                     Central Florida

19.                     Louisiana State

20.                     North Carolina State

21.                     Stanford

22.                     Arizona

23.                     Memphis

24.                     Michigan State

25.                     Washington State


Beard’s Top 10 Week One Playoff Rankings

1.   Alabama

2.   Notre Dame

3.   Miami

4.   Ohio State

5.   Georgia

6.   Clemson

7.   Penn State

8.   Oklahoma

9.   Wisconsin

10.   TCU

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