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Clearing my mind and notebook while emphatically announcing I would never fork over $15,000, or $15 for that matter, to interview Lonzo Ball:

Temper, temper

Jimbo Fisher needs a refresher course on how to handle defeat.

With the losses piling up at Florida State, the Seminoles’ head coach lost something else – his temper – after Louisville pulled out a 31-28 win Saturday in Tallahassee.

A fan disgusted by another mistake-filled loss was heard chanting “New Coaches, New Coaches!” as Fisher was walking off the field. Fisher reacted with a confrontational response.

According to a tweet from Tallahassee photographer Joe Rondone, Fisher yelled, “Bring your ass down here and say that!”

He should have known better. After all, his Seminoles are 0-3 at home and 2-4 overall, which isn’t what FSU’s fans expected after their team was ranked No. 3 in the preseason. So yeah, folks in Tallahassee are understandably frustrated.

Fisher should have remained silent and opted to soothe his bruised ego, if necessary, with legit excuses, starting with the loss of starting quarterback Deondre Francois in the opener against Alabama. Instead he allowed an angry fan to get under his skin.

He made a half-hearted apology in his postgame news conference, but he also used the time to question the loyalty of any fan who criticizes coaches and players.

“Are you going to be a loyal fan or not?” said Fisher. “Just keep fighting with us. We ain’t quitting on you, please don’t quit on us.”

Fisher obviously didn’t learn anything while serving as coach-in-waiting to the legendary  Bobby Bowden when FSU lost its first three home games in 2009. When it came to fan criticism, Bowden always thought it best to have a grin and bear acceptance and do everything he could to improve his team.

“I can’t worry about critics. Not in this business,” Bowden said in 2009 of the fan unrest when his team also was 2-4.

Watching Fisher’s response, ESPN studio analyst Joey Galloway couldn’t help but chuckle, giving the current FSU coach something else to think about as addresses the mistakes of freshman quarterback James Blackman.

“It’s actually funny to me,” said Galloway. “We’ve seen Jimbo Fisher go off on his quarterbacks. I’d like to see  James Blackman in the middle of Jimbo going off on him say, ‘Hey, coach, coach, don’t be negative. How about some support.’”

Note: This note on FSU was updated to provide more of Fisher’s comments.

Shark bait

Looking to ease harsh feelings over the school’s Rebels nickname, Mississippi has taken steps to boot its “Rebel the Bear” mascot from the sidelines.

It seems he’ll become a victim of a shark attack.

Since 2008, members of the Ole Miss defense have embraced a “Landshark” mentality by celebrating big plays with a hand to their forehead in the shape of a fin. Other teams have embraced the shark fin symbol, too. So have fans.

Thus, the school will debut a Landshark mascot next football season. “Rebel the Bear” mascot will be retired after the Texas A&M home game on Nov. 18. The Rebel nickname, however, will live on.

They said it

Mike Bianchi of the Orlando Sentinel on Florida’s alligator-themed uniforms last week, suggesting the only thing missing was former coach Steve Spurrier’s approval: “Then again, Spurrier could have outfitted his teams in pink polka-dotted uniforms and UF fans would have embraced the decision.”

Dwight Perry of Seattle Times: “Alex Rodriguez experienced a midlife epiphany and said that PEDs cost him $40 million and a chance at the Hall of Fame. It’s all right there in this week’s issue of Well, Duh magazine.

RJ Currie of “The LFL, formerly the Lingerie Football League, posted a video saying they “stand in salute of our flag.” I wonder how many men have stood in salute of lingerie football?”

Janice Hough of “So many of top ranked college football teams lost this weekend that this might open up a spot in playoffs for Cleveland Browns.”

ABC comedian Jimmy Kimmel: “Let me just say something as a Mets fan. The Yankees may have more World Series rings than anyone but they will never have what the Mets have, which is a mascot with a giant baseball for a head.”

WDRB Columnist Rick Bozich: “Profiles in courage: Nobody on U of L board or interim president Dr. Greg Postel willing to talk about (Tom) Jurich firing.”

Endangered Tigers

Anyone ready for 7-on-7 college football?

That might have been the only option to salvage the season for Occidental College, an NCAA D3 school in Los Angeles.

With injuries depleting the Tigers roster to fewer than three dozen players, Occidental bailed on its season this week. With an 0-5 record, including two previous forfeits, Rob Cushman’s team was down to one healthy defensive lineman.

Maybe Cushman now should petition the NCAA to allow the Tigers to compete in an intramural flag football league. It might make them a little tougher.

Headlines “MLB warns homerun hitters league almost out of balls.” “Tiger Woods  hit the links and shoots a 78! On first hole.” “LSU not concerned about huge buyout language in Ed Orgeron’s contract: ‘We’re fairly concerned he can’t read.’” “Paper bag removed for national anthem.” “Gordon Heyward feeling better after hearing his horrific injury went viral.” “Classy: Warriors give rings to all 28 Durant Twitter personas.”

Stat of week

The Phoenix Suns opened the season on Wednesday with a 124-76 loss to the Portland Trailblazers. The 48-point difference was the worst opening-game margin in NBA history.

Super Brady

NFL fans apparently believe Tom Brady is an ageless wonder. That’s the only logical explanation for the New England Patriots quarterback being voted in an ESPN poll as the most likely of his peers to win the most Super Bowls over the next decade, right?

Never mind Brady is 40 and no quarterback that old has ever led a team to an NFL championship. Despite such long-in-the-tooth odds, Brady finished with 21 percent of the votes to beat Oakland’s Derek Carr (20), Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers (18) and Dallas’ Dak Prescott (10).

By the way, Jay Cutler was the runaway winner of most unpopular QB with 42 percent of the vote. Seriously? I was sure Brady would prevail in that poll, too.

Still kicking

In ESPN polling about the 2018 World Cup, 83 percent of respondents said they would watch next summer’s tournament in Russia even though the United States didn’t qualify.

Also, 37-seven percent of voters said they’d follow their country of heritage, 24 percent will pull for an underdog like Iceland, and 19 percent will focus on individual stars like Argentina’s Lionel Messi, Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo or Brazil’s Neymar.

Sweet Tweets

Rehashtagging this week’s top Twitter shots from @Randy_Beard11:

  •  From No. 3 to 0-3 at home.  Florida State (2-4) still makes trips to Boston College, Clemson & Florida and has Syracuse at home. #bowlpanic
  • Landon Donovan may run for U.S. Soccer president. Yeah, that’d shake things up. After all he excels at throwing tantrums & being divisive.
  •  Raiders beat Chiefs 31-30, but needed FOURTH final play to do it. Just wondering: Are 1972 Olympic basketball refs now officiating NFL games
  •  Seriously, 62% of Vols fans would welcome Lane Kiffen back to Knoxville? How’d that work last time when he bolted for SoCal after one season?
  • Never been @RealSkipBayless fan, but let’s not forget he lives to diss. dish & be a prick (insert other ‘d’ word here).

Choosing favorites

Other than a disastrous start in the ACC, it was a good day to be me in terms of picking college football games in the ACC, Big Ten and SEC.

Unfortunately, I made the mistake of selecting the home teams in all six games in the ACC. Louisville, Pittsburgh and Boston College made me pay for my lack of respect of road teams.

Long story short,  I was 3-3 this week in the ACC, running my season success to 49-12 (80.3%).

I also finished over 80 percent in the SEC, using a 5-0 week to improve to 50-12 (80.6%).

In the Big Ten, another 5-1 week upped my season success to 50-14 (78.1%).

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