Postgame comments from Golden State coach Steve Kerr and Cleveland coach Tyronn Lue after the Warriors recalimed the NBA Championship with a 129-120 win over the Cavaliers on Monday night.


Q: Cavs were up much of the first quarter and into the second, I think they were up six maybe halfway through the second quarter and suddenly you guys go on 22-2 run over four and a half minutes. I know K.D. got half of those points, but what happened?
KERR: I think it was a typical closeout game. I’ve been lucky to be part of seven of these, actually, five as a player and two now as a coach. Seems like every closeout game is just difficult. You’re nervous, you got all this energy, it’s usually not pretty from the beginning.
I think our guys just did a good job of hanging in there. We kept the lead at six, eight points — or the deficit. And it was just a matter of time before we were going to break through. We had that huge run in the second quarter, which changed everything.

Q. Again, that run, and then a — what was a 24-13 to wrap it up in the fourth, and K.D. gets 11 of those, too.
KERR: Yeah, I was just blown away, as I mentioned earlier, about the talent on the floor for both teams, the shot making. And the game has changed so much in terms of the spacing and the shooting, and you’re looking out there and you’re like, how are we going to stop anybody? I’m sure Ty was saying the same thing.

But we have an amazing group of talented players, skilled guys, who came up big when it counted and pulled away in the fourth quarter.


Q: It was a three-point game early on in the fourth quarter, and they were able to open it up. Where do you think the Warriors ran away with it, and also can you just sum up what this season meant to you?
LUE: I think we had a couple turnovers. We didn’t have a lot in the second half. Couple turnovers, couple bad shots, and that led to them getting out on the break and getting out in transition.
As far as this season, I’m proud of our guys for being a resilient group and staying the course, even when it didn’t look great. During the regular season when we hit a drought, we lost some games, I thought when we got healthy, we got our mind right, we stayed the course, and once we got to the Playoffs, we really performed.
Tonight you got to give them credit. They beat us, and they’re a good team. And that’s about it.

Q. It’s a 4-1 series, but how do you view the gap between the Cavs and the Warriors?
LUE: I think that the first two games we talked about last year, you can go over all the shootarounds the walkthroughs you want to go through, but until you actually get on the floor and play against this team, it’s tough.
They beat us tonight. I don’t see a big gap. I thought we played well, got better each game, but against good teams you can’t give away games like Game 3 at home and then expect to come here and win in a hostile environment.
So when you have them beat, you have to beat them. You can’t go back and forth or teeter on the fence, you have to beat them. Letting Game 3 get away from us and then coming back to this gym, we knew it was going to be tough, but I thought our mindset was right. I thought we gave the right amount of fight, the right amount of physicality, and they beat us tonight.

Questions and answers are from ASAP Sports transcripts

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