The annual ACC/Big Ten Challenge in men’s basketball already has me looking forwarded to late November/early December, which is typically when the showdowns take place.

The dates and game times for this season’s Challenge will be announced later, but with Duke making a trip to Indiana and Louisville visiting Purdue, basketball fans in Indiana are going to be in store for a couple of great games.

Notre Dame, meanwhile, will travel to Michigan State.

 The rest of the pairings:

Illinois at Wake Forest

Michigan at North Carolina

Penn State at N.C. State

Boston College at Nebraska

Clemson at Ohio State

Florida State at Rutgers

Iowa at Virginia Tech

Maryland at Syracuse

Miami at Minnesota

Northwestern at Georgia Tech

Wisconsin at Virginia


The series, which kicked off in 1999 as an ESPN directive, has been dominated by the ACC. The Big Ten has won just five of 18 Challenges and tied two others.

In fact, the ACC won the first 10 Challenges before the Big Ten bounded back with five wins and the two ties over the next seven seasons. But then last season, the ACC regained the upper hand by winning nine of the 14 games.

Still, 10 of the Challenges have been decided by just one game. It began with just nine games because of an imbalance of the number of teams between the two league. As expansion has taken place, the series expanded to 11 games (2006), 12 games (2011) and now 14 games (2013)

The popularity of this series has led other conferences to form similar partnerships in which their members go head-to-head against each other, including the Big 12/SEC, Mountain West/Missouri Valley Conference.

Overall, the ACC leads the Challenge with 109 wins and just 88 losses.


2016: ACC 9-5

2015: Big Ten 8-6

2014: Big Ten 8-6

2013: Tied 6-6

2012: Tied 6-6

2011: Big Ten 8-4

2010: Big Ten 6-5

2009: Big Ten 6-5

2008: ACC 6-5

2007: ACC 8-3

2006: ACC 8-3

2005: ACC 6-5

2004: ACC 7-2

2003: ACC 7-2

2002: ACC 5-4

2001: ACC 5-3

2000: ACC 5-4

1999: ACC 5-4


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